Gregor Huebner

Born in Stuttgart, Gregor Huebner began studying piano and violin at the age of six. In 1994 he moved to New York to earn his MA degree in jazz piano/composition from Manhattan School of Music and was bestowed with a “President’s Award”.

As a member of “Tango Five”, a group founded in 1985, he performed at the World Exhibitions in Sevilla 1992 and Hannover 2000, the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, as well as Tango Festivals in Montevideo and Buenos Aires in 1998.

From 1995 – 1999 he was a member of “Philharmonia Virtuosi”, the Chamber Orchestra of the Metropolitan Museum. Since 1996 he collaborates with the pianist Richie Beirach. Since 1997 he has worked with Johnny Almendra’s “Los Jovenes del Barrio”, “Eye Contact” and “Son Radical” and played with Randy Brecker, John Patitucci, Billy Hart, Mark Feldman and the Absolut Ensemble.

He recorded with Joe Zawinul and Diane Reeves and is with the Sirius String Quartet and his own NY-NRG Quartet a important part of the New York music scene.

In the last years Gregor Huebner has appeared on Jazz festivals in Kork (Ireland), Tiblisi (Georgia), Montreux, New York (JVC, Bell Atlantic), Hollywood Bowl LA (Tango Festival) Stuttgart (Jazz Open) and Porto (Portugal).

He performed at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, the Berlin Philharmonie. Frauenkirche in Dresden and traveled to Southeast Asia, Japan, Russia, Columbia, Mexico, Hawaii, Georgia and Spain.

Now it is here – the third CD of the El Violin Latino series by Gregor Huebner. As with the previous albums, the violinist and composer gathered an illustrious group in the studio and a collaboration of wonderful musicians emerged. The companions of Gregor Huebner have made this album a new milestone in his musical career. The incredible singer Yumarya from Curaçao, Edmar Castaneda from Colombia on the harp, Huebner’s band members Klaus Mueller, Jerome Goldschmidt, John Benitez, Louie Bauzo, Ludwig Alfonso, as well as musicians from previous recordings like Karen Joseph, Mappy Torres, Johnny Almendra and Ruben Rodriguez have inspired him for this recording.

As on the previous albums, original compositions penned by Huebner as well as Latin standards can be heard, among them familiar songs, but also found treasures. Where the previous albums covered the entire spectrum of Latin American music, this album focuses on the musical and rhythmic world of Cuba.

To illustrate the connection between jazz and Latin music, “Equinox” by John Coltrane, arranged in Cuban style, is the ideal composition to start this album, followed by “Obsesión” written by Pedro Florez, which is a well-known Latin Standard arranged in the style of Jerry Gonzalez’s Fort Apachee Band.

During the recordings of “Los Soñadores / Dreamers”, an original composition, there were magical moments in the studio. The title song of the CD is a commitment to the so-called Dreamers, the undocumented children of immigrants in the US, who are living in the insecurity of the current political situation, whether they may eventually live legally in the US or if they will be deported.

Videographer Richie Briñez, who was present in the studio, had the idea to make a video with frightening as well as very beautiful images documenting this insecurity in today’s society.

“Cuban Blues” composed especially for Yumarya and “South Sudan” are both compositions that Huebner has written for the band Salsafuerte and that go very well with the concept of Los Soñadores.

“Par Un Mejor Mundo” (For a Better World) is a new work by Huebner designed especially for the duo of harp and violin. Edmar on the harp made this composition something special.

With “Zapato Apretao” and “Llanto De Luna” Huebner takes us back to the late 90’s when he was a member of Johnny Almendra’s band Los Jovenes Del Barrio. These two compositions are in the tradition of Cuban Cheranga music.

“Tu Mi Delirio”, a Latin Standard arranged by Klaus Mueller, and “Yoruban Fantasy”, an interplay of violin, percussion and electronic loops, showing the Afro-Cuban tradition, complete the album.

With the last composition “Buey Viejo” Huebner re-recorded a composition from his first album, which emphasizes the unique voice of the poet Mappy Torres. Unfortunately, Mappy Torres passed away in early 2018 – without her the idea to El Violin Latino would never have existed.