Martina Eisenreich Quartett

Das Martina Eisenreich Quartett – Stephan Glaubitz (b), Wolfgang Lohmeier (perc), Martina Eisenreich (vio) und Christoph Müller (git)


A vast landscape leads off to copious tales. The glowing moon, full of promise like a puppy love. A whispering violin. Lugubrious and yet so promising: transcendentally intimate melodies embraced by a virtuoso whirlwind. Mr. Müller indulging himself among his dear guitars. The drum kit is an odd magic device, the double bass humming gloomy warm tones.

Yearning is the force behind everything and it is still dreaming about the waltz as the night awakes and people get ready for the hoedown. The dance is on! Everyone is drawn into the night, everyone from the countess to the strays comply with the blatant moonlight. The waiter serves the next champers while Auntie Kaethe is already doing the Charleston on the table. Until the crack of dawn they tenderly sway far into the last silent night.

Martina Eisenreich, a successful composer, has been teaching film scores and sound design at the University of Television and Film Munich since 2009. On the new album a headstrong cinematic poetry of sound crosses path with Martina´s magic charisma on the violin and ends up in bracing transgression of limits: sensuous music, a bag of surprises… strikingly subtle yet exciting at a moment´s notice.

The sound is sustained by the quartet´s fine art, bringing this wondrous project to life, saturating it with sympathy, dynamics and eagerness. On tour through the whole of Europe they have restaged the group over and over again – in the big concert halls, in the warm light of Italian street lamps, adored by children´s bright eyes beholding the instrument cases – or in a legendary small jazz club somewhere near Paris. The harmonious and rich sonority of „Contes de lune“ bears the hallmarks of Wolfgang Lohmeier, the wizard of analogue sound and invites the listener to discover fresh and innovative sonic joys – time and time again.

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