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Without music, life would be a mistake“ (F. Nietzsche)

It is for that precise reason that we work hand in hand with our artists, most of whom have be under contract with us for a long time, to reach a mutual goal: creating and publishing music we are excited about. We want „our“ artists to be able to zone in on the creativity that slumbers within them without distraction. GLM Music then sees to circulating it and making it accessible; because even the best of music is wasted if nobody can hear it. It takes extensive promotion, production of excellent quality, a release concert in the perfect environment and professional distribution – we distribute their music worldwide through our retailing partners as well as digital music stores.

After more than 25 years of success with our company as an independent record label for jazz, world and instrumental music, reggae, funk and ambitious pop, GLM Music is your perfect partner for bringing your music to life!

In order to adequately meet the artistic needs, we have divided our label into four sub-categories:

EDITION COLLAGE … Listen up, jazz lovers! Here everything revolves around musicians who have dedicated themselves whole-heartedly to jazz, be it a conventional line-up or not – as long as it „swings“!

FINE MUSIC …offers only the finest musical fusions from jazz, pop, world music and movie scores, off the beaten path of soulless mainstream, for sophisticated and cosmopolitan listeners.

IMPULSO … Our youngest „label family member“ grooves nonchalantly through the multicultural bandwidth of the reggae, latin and funk scene.

DINNER MUSIC …for all our gourmands: treat yourself to some ear candy.

Enjoy an exquisite selection of music, for example with the lovingly hand-selected and put together compilations of GLM titles that will appeal to all your senses.

Online Marketing

Oh, it’ll take no time at all! How many times have you heard these words in the computer world and then spent hours, quietly cursing in desperation, when you followed the advice?

If you are looking for a quick solution because you don’t want to waste your precious time sifting through the digital jungle, contact GLM Online immediately.

GLM Online offers the following services:

  • Establishment and upgrade of an individual social media network (Facebook, Youtube, XING, Twitter, etc.)
    • Efficient Email Marketing
    • Draft and management of your Google Adwords campaign (SEM)

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