It has been quiet on the stages of this world lately, years marked by longing and hope. A musical firework with emotionally charged music from the Balkans now brings the five virtuosos of Foaie Verde (“green leaf”) on their new album. They come from four different European countries and fuse Hungarian, Romanian folk music, fast-paced Balkan sound as well as Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish melodies into an irresistible listening pleasure. Own compositions in the style of this music now enrich the program. The ensemble, led by violin virtuoso Sebastian Mare and charismatic singer Katalin Horvath, captures the pure joie de vivre of this fiery, life-affirming music in their very own multifaceted arrangements, offering a musical experience that is unparalleled in Germany.

With Vladimir Trenin on bayan, Frank Wekenmann on guitar and Veit Hübner on double bass, the band is international and top-class. The third album of “Foaie Verde” has another surprise in store. As a guest this time: Mulo Francel from “Quadro Nuevo”.

Bold rhythms and breathtaking runs on violin, accordion, guitar and double bass meet emotionally charged vocals coming from the depths, clarinet and saxophone, unbridled energy as well as joie de vivre and alternate with quiet, melancholic sounds. In this way Foaie Verde succeeds in reproducing the traditional music of the Balkans in an authentic and interesting way, while at the same time refreshing it with new elements.

Sebastian Mare – violin
Katalin Horvath – vocals
Frank Wekenmann – guitar
Vladimir Trenin – bayan
Veit Hübner – double bass