Joe Krieg

Within the current growing environment of new jazz guitarists, Joe Krieg, who is influenced by his roots from Germany and France, takes a special role which might not be easily endangered by competitors.

The self-declared melodic bebopper Joe Krieg offers a wide range of improvisational music which moves between Mainstream and Modern Jazz based on his influences and musical creativity.

“It is not a matter of course to meet musicians who have similar ideas as oneself and in addition have the ability to completely immerse themselves in my music.

For this reason alone, it was always important to me to have a solid band with musicians who are familiar to me and are highly esteemed. With Uli Kleideiter on drums, Simon Ort on bass and Joachim Werner on piano, I once again have a solid base to express my music. Together we form the Joe Krieg Quartet.” (Joe Krieg)