Kilian Kemmer

In a review of the magazine “Jazz Thing”, it says of Kilian Kemmer’s debut album “Jetzt Und In Echt”, released in 2018: “this is jazz to come down and enjoy, characterised by a timeless quality”. And the “Jazzpodium” attests: “The music (…) makes you forget the time, makes you aware of the quality that harmony and slowness can have. Kilian Kemmer leads his music sometimes minimalistic, sometimes lyrical, but then again with a lot of energy, back to the roots, to storytelling, to forgetting time, to euphony, to real life beyond all unreal time.” Oliver Hochkeppel from the Süddeutsche Zeitung thinks: “grandiosely composed and interpreted melodic post-bop jazz.”

Perhaps what 40-year-old Kilian Kemmer plays and writes is the balance for his other life – he has a doctorate in philosophy and is now employed in human resources at a large company. But music has never played a subordinate role in his life. Kemmer was classically trained and when it came to jazz, he learned as a student of Leonid Chizhik.


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