L‘ensemble Wegele-Sagner

Peter Wegele – piano, keys
Florian Sagner – trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, keys, sounddesign
Annedore Wienert – English Horn, Oboe
Marcio Tubino – flute, alto flute, pandeiro
Julia Massaro – violin
The Massaro String Quartet / Julia Massaro – vl1, virginia gurrera – vl2, Salvo D‘Amato – vla, Giuseppe D‘Amato – vcl
Antonio Koudele – guitar
Lelio Giannetto – double bass (Nr. 2,3,4,5,7)
Ciro Trindade – electric bass: (Nr. 6,8,9)
Sergio Cali – drums, marimba
Abdul Sghaier & Riadh – darbuka solo & bass darbuka

Since 2014 Peter Wegele has been giving film music seminars at the Conservatory of Palermo in loose succession, with the support of the Goethe Institute and the Conservatory. Most recently, he and the students of the Conservatorio Alessandro Scarlatti again gave a film music concert as part of the documentary film festival in Palermo on Nov. 12, 2021.

Attracted and fascinated by the cultural diversity of Sicily, Peter Wegele wanted to create a musical project with German and Sicilian musicians. One of the outstanding students, today one of the most sought-after musicians in Sicily, is the percussionist Sergio Calì. Together with him and with Lelio Giannetto, for many years impresario of Curva Minore, an association for contemporary music, Peter Wegele made first recordings in Palermo in 2014 and 2015.

The musical direction was clear: carried by mainly Latin American rhythms, the production should breathe the music and culture of both worlds. Therefore, the recordings feature oboe and English horn virtuoso Annedore Wienert from Berlin, with whom Wegele has been playing together for several years in the highly acclaimed duo “Necessarily Two”, a “successful synthesis of both worlds, classical and jazz”. In Florian Sagner, Peter Wegele was able to involve a long-time musical companion in the project. Sagner’s studio in Geretsried has not only produced joint film and theater music and video productions for many years, but now also this production.