Roger Jannotta & Thorsten Klentze Project

Roger Jannotta and Thorsten Klentze have known each other for a long time – therefore it was high time to publish the common development of their musical journey. In the 20 years there were numerous joint projects and productions that documented their creative work. The present recordings are, so to speak, the crème de la crème of the common years.

Lyrical and modern, the sextet conjures up colorful soundscapes full of surprises, simple beauty or rousing groove over the compositions and songs of both bandleaders of those who leave a lot of room for improvisation. With a fine sense for the choice of fellow musicians, the two have put together a top-class band from the Munich scene.

The vocalist Natalie Elwood lays unforgettable feelings on the songs with her sonorous voice and enchants the audience with her – almost instrumental sounding – improvisation.

Mathias Engl’s crystal clear, supple flugelhorn and his enthralling swinging trumpet play around every complex harmonic turn with refinement.

Energetically charged, with an infectious groove – Paul Tietze plays his bass with dreamlike ease and wit, giving the music the perfect grounding. arald Rüschenbaum’s polyrhythmic play, designed with great emotional expression, merges the sound of the band into a dynamic palette of colors.