Trio Laccasax

Andrey Lakisov saxophone, guitar
Timofey Sattarov accordion, composition
Bernd Gesell double-bass

It is part of a musician’s everyday life that you are constantly on the move. The music often becomes the only place where you can always feel at home. The new album by Trio Laccasax “In Music at Home” internalizes influences from different cultures at this juncture.

Musical genres such as tango, klezmer, jazz, classical and modern meet in the so-called chamber world music – world music with a claim on chamber music. The listener seemingly effortlessly commute between sincerity and entertainment, between simplicity and complexity, profoundness and lightness, and the trio also likes to call this combination of serious (e-music) and popular music (u-music) casually “EU music”.

“Above all, it is diversity that we have always been looking for.”

On their first CD “Passe Partout” Trio Laccasax played in his regular cast. The second album makes it clear that the musicians feel at home on different instruments and the regular cast is dissolved. In the new program, which developed mainly during and from the 2017 tour, Timofey Sattarov plays piano for almost a third of the time instead of the accordion, the saxophonist Adrey Lakisov alternates between guitar and saxophone and the bassist Bernd Gesell often uses his double bass also for percussion. The limits of conventional playing techniques are exceeded, modern playing techniques of the respective musical instruments are used. All this extends the sound spectrum. It is, if you will, the fourth dimension in the three-dimensional cast.

At the center of “IN MUSIC AT HOME” are original compositions this time, such as the melancholic Le Petit Prince, or Suse (derived from the suspended chords it contains), which can be described as a 5-minute musical encyclopaedia. Bernd Gesell creates a sonorous low level at Horizontale with an extensive bass solo, whereby one could confound the double bass with a cymbal at the first listening impression. As always, there are Astor Piazzolla’s compositions included, as the Le Grand Tango and Reminiscence, which appear in a Trio Laccasax-typical fashion.