Your Demo / Your Production

Please feel free to send your demo to the following address:

GLM Music GmbH
Angerstrasse 2  

83730 Fischbachau


We guarantee that we review every inquiry – be it a suggestion for our publishing house’s reportoire or a possible publication through one of our labels.

We ask that you please consider the following points when sending us your music:

  • Please send your materials either in the mail to the above listed address or via Email to We do archive all received material. Should you require that we return your materials, please enclose a pre-paid return envelope.
  • Please add to your inquiry a short, expressive letter of motivation as well as information such as photographs, concert dates, musical history, etc. About the band, the artist(s) and/or the origial author.
  • Please do not forget to enclose your contact information (even with a CD), so that we can reply to you.