Lania - by Stephan Elser
Lania – by Stephan Elser

Stefanie Fettner – Vocals
Bernd Haas – Guitar
Alexander Goidinger – Piano
Walter Singer – Double Bass
Florian Baumgartner – Drums

LANIA play jazzy, catchy, emotional and honest music inspired by real-life-situations that everyone can identify with – Déjà Vu.

The spirit of the band stands for authentic, fondly crafted music. From the barely audible, subtle and fragile note to an energetic, vibrant sound cloud – this formation demonstrates an incredible versatility that enables it to venture into completely new spheres of their genre.

With this in mind, lead singer Stefanie Fettner, Bernd Haas (guitar), Alexander Goidinger (piano), Walter Singer (double bass) and Florian Baumgartner (drums) have dedicated their hearts and souls to the virtuously performed realization of their timeless compositions, which keep on shining in fresh colours even after you have pushed the „play“-button of your stereo over and over again.


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Each song has its very own, distinctive character, its unique, both complex and homogeneous sound pattern, which results from the fact that each chord, each line of text, each note and word is provided with exactly the space it requires.

Accordingly, Stefanie and her artistic chaperons refuse to remain at the surface of the safe, but often monotonous mainstream; instead, they delight in exploring the deeper regions of the musical ocean, where trivial borders become meaningless and are transformed into new creative dimensions.

The title of the album Déjà Vu is meant to be a direct invitation to listen closely with a thrilled, open mind and experience your very own „Déjà Vu!“

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