Lena Mentschel

The release of singer and composer Lena Mentschel’s „In My Little Garden“ marked her third and at the same time most personal studio album. Her eleven autobiographical original songs grant its listeners insight into the petite and dreamy soul garden of a young woman between rock’n’roll, lemon buttercream cake, absolute anarchy and condo living.

Behind the sturdy walls of the carefully conceptualized maze that surrounds this garden, hide humorously narrated stories – some of course dealing with love, amongst other things – in all their nutty facets. But they also revolve around the topics of a generation that seems almost lost in the chaos of this „anything you want can be yours at any time“ century, where self-realization is becoming such a big deal that we are tempted to forget our own name; where love becomes a mystery – a long lost fairy tale. We stumble from one whirlwind romance into the next, frequently taking detours into deepest depression, build labyrinths around our own selves and ultimately will lose the way inside ourselves.

Then the first wrinkles creep up around our eyes that are restlessly searching of this arcane „luck“ – in the end still none the wiser. And all of a sudden, unexpectedly, the realization: it is all just an experiment! Nobody really knows what it is all about. So we pluck our eyebrows, post some pseudo-buddhist adage and keep keeping on.

Musically the Bavarian-born songwriter moves effortlessly between jazz and pop. Her fantastic co-musicians Michael Lagger (piano), Philipp Kopmajer (drums), Valentin Czihak (double bass) and Chris Neuschmid (guitar) weave a soft and smooth sound carpet that is reminiscent of dark chocolate, heavy red wne and late summer melancholy at times, but then changes over into light and airy rhythms filled with juvenile naivety, taking the listener away into a world where different stylistics are masterfully melted into catchy songs. In all this, the composer and producer of the album sings her way into her audiences hearts with much charm, wit, great musicality and pots of self-irony.



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