Marion & Sobo Band

Born from the enthusiasm for traveling and languages, Marion & Sobo Band creates its own modern style of vocal gypsy jazz, global music and chanson. It is not a matter of merely stringing together cultural set pieces, but of felt living reality: the musicians see themselves as citizens of Europe and the world.

The heart of the Bonn band is the Franco-American singer Marion Lenfant-Preus and the Polish guitarist Alexander Sobocinski, called Sobo. He is from Poland and she spent her childhood and youth in France. The two well-traveled musicians met at a jazz session in Bonn. Since then they follow together the idea to create music beyond pigeonholes for a cross-cultural and cross-generational audience.

Her voice is sometimes tender and enchanting, sometimes gripping or tongue-twisting; the sound is raucous, almost whispering, then happily lilting or expressive and yearning. The Franco-American Marion sings of dancing dragons, of jumping into cold water and bathtubs full of beer, but also of tears and dreams, of love, lust and sorrow, of joy and fantasy. Colorful stories, told in six different languages – from elegant French to fairy-tale Romanes.

Marion Lenfant-Preus – vocals
Alexander Sobocinski – guitar
Stefan Berger – bass
Frank Brempel – violin
Jonas Vogelsang – guitar