Meta Hüper – In dieser Stadt – KNEF reloaded


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Release  06.12.2024

Refreshingly different, yet profound and emotional – Meta Hüper dares to tackle Hildegard Knef’s classics with her debut album “In dieser Stadt”. The result is independent interpretations that exude the vibe of modern Berlin while retaining the depth and seriousness of the original.
With these 10 songs, the Berlin singer and violinist presents herself as a solo artist for the first time. At her side is the Berlin jazz pianist Matti Klein, who has refined this album not only as a musical partner on the piano but also as a producer.
Hüper and Klein have set themselves the task of placing the songs of the great Knef in the context of the present and injecting them with a breath of Berlin air from today. Titles such as “Für mich soll’s Rote Rosen regnen”, “17 Millimeter fehlten mir zum Glück” or the title song “In dieser Stadt” sound completely new and make you want to hear more.
The tracks were all recorded live in the studio in continuous takes. The result is an album with rough edges and freckles. Open and honest, music that touches the heart.
The violinist and singer, who trained in Berlin, Jerusalem and New York, is at home in a wide variety of genres. For years she has performed on international stages with greats such as Till Brönner, Michael Bublé, Max Raabe and Salut Salon. In the capital, she is currently being celebrated in the revue “Berlin, Du coole Sau!” at the Tipi am Kanzleramt.

Meta Hüper – vocals, violin

Matti Klein  –  piano



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