Christoph Bombart – Home


Christoph Müller all acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lapsteel, dobro
Rebecca Lovell vocals on Home, Lilac Wine and Georgia On My Mind, mandolin on track 6, 8

Martina Eisenreich strings and string arrangements on track 2, 4, 8, 9, 13
Bernhard Pricha cajon and percussion on track 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 12
Manfred Mildenberger drums on track 4, 5, 8, 11, 13
Sebastian Gieck bass on track 4, 8, 11, 13
Ludwig Klöckner bass on track 5
Rene Haderer double bass on track 2

01. Depart  (Christoph Müller)  0:52
02. Home (feat. Rebecca Lovell)  (Christoph Müller)   5:45
03. Sassetta  (Christoph Müller)   3:54
04. Georgia On My Mind (feat. Rebecca Lovell) (Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell)  5:15
05.  Luna Parc  (Christoph Müller)   4:40
06.  If  (Christoph Müller)   3:20
07.  Pebbles  (Christoph Müller)   4:16
08.  Reso  (Christoph Müller)   5:06
09.  Lilac Wine (feat. Rebecca Lovell) (James Shelton)   3:52
10.  Balladem  (Christoph Müller)   3:04
11.  Paris  (Christoph Müller)   5:03
12. West  (Christoph Müller)   2:48
13.  Georgia On My Mind (Reprise) (Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell)  2:46

Home describes the place where you come from. Home is the place where you feel at home. Home describes the place where you live.

The delightful combinations that Christoph Bombart (Müller) creates with his first album open up right away in the title track, the warming centerpiece, where he and Rebecca Lovell, the singer with the beguilingly clear voice of the US folk rock band Larkin Poe, meet in pleasant harmony with his debut as a songwriter. The two take the listener empathetically by the hand, and pull him immediately into the expectant mood of departure of the album. The suitcases are packed.

Christoph Bombart picks up his listeners with his album “Home”, in whichever foreign place of this world they may find themselves.

At the latest when the small Tuscan village of Sassetta lets its red shining roofs peek out between the hills, then you know that you have finally arrived on your journey. But while the first summer thunderstorm is still passing by, you are already longing for more. Georgia… Quite a long way to go. But the touching voice of Rebecca from Atlanta helps you get over the long journey. The dark-haired of the two Larkin Poe sisters sings three songs on Christoph’s Lonely Planet – with Georgia On My Mind you think you can breathe the salty air of the national seashore, while you’re cruising east on Interstate 16 to cool licks.

A dreamlike surreal walk through Luna Parc leads straight to spiritual aboriginal sites. Nimble guitar runs and Bernhard Pricha’s driving cajon set Pebbles, weathered granite spheres, back in motion. Their clacking as they bump against each other recalls heels of elegant ladies’ shoes on the cobblestones of the narrow streets of Montmartre, illuminated by the last, low-lying rays of the sun, which, having arrived in the big city, make the shadows of the houses grow longer and longer.

Then at night in the bar Reso – the last drink is taken standing up and once again quickly toasted with Tom Waits, while Lilac Wine plays in the jukebox. Then follows the long way home in the parallel world of the awakening metropolis, whose early bustle could not yet make the wondrous last night forgotten.

When the last song plays, you are back home, in familiar surroundings. You put your bag in the hall, the laundry will be done tomorrow, and as you lie daydreaming on the cushions, Georgia On My Mind sounds once again – very quietly and muffled, far back in your mind – and in that moment the journey passes before your mind’s eye again.

Home is Christoph Bombart’s first solo record. But not the first thing to be heard from him on record. After successfully completing his studies with Peter O’Mara at the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts, he is launching his solo program together with percussionist Bernhard Pricha. His gift for telling stories with sound leads him to international film, television, radio play and theater productions again and again in a successful and continuous collaboration with film composer Martina Eisenreich. And also live in the joint ensemble always new inspirations arise. Christoph Bombart performs with the Martina Eisenreich Quartet in many hundreds of concerts on the stages of Europe.


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