Passo Avanti – Delikatessen


Sergey Didorenko Violin
Alexander von Hagke Clarinet
Alex Jung Guitar
Eugen Bazijan Cello

1.  Musette  (J.S.Bach)  3:45
2.  Prélude OP. 28 NO. 4 (F.Chopin)  4:38
3.  Air (J.S.Bach)  4:45
4.  Waldesnacht (J.Brahms)  4:35
5.  Der Schwan (C.Saint-Saens)  4:15
6.  Loreley: Revisited (A.v.Hagke)  4:03
7.  Szenen aus Perr Gynt: Morgenstimmung (E.Grieg)  4:52
8.  Szenen aus Perr Gynt: Solveigs Lied (E.Grieg)  4:58
9.  Szenen aus Perr Gynt: In der Halle des Bergkönigs (E.Grieg)  2:54
10.  Bildnisarie (W.A.Mozart)  5:24
11.  Rondo (M.Clementi)  1:53
12.  Tritsch-Tratsch Polka – Live (J.Strauss Sohn)  5:25

“Delicacies” is a unique and refreshing blend of classical and jazz. By combining chamber music style of playing with improvised elements, classical music is innovatively brought back to its roots and at the same time a step forward. Flowing transitions with subtle nuances and large arcs between the styles are created.

The key to this is the novel instrumental instrumentation. Based on a string quartet, it allows for classical sound culture as well as the swing of a jazz band. The musicians are at home and trained in both styles. So the crossover process already takes place in each one.

The result is charming, original and humorous. It convinces with its innovative and at the same time respectful treatment of the old masters. The fine arrangements amaze just as much as the mature improvisations, in which virtuosity is paired with lightness and playfulness. The last title shows: Passo Avanti is also a pleasure live – the joy of playing immediately jumps over to the listeners.

The quartet Passo Avanti inspires with a novel symbiosis of classical music and jazz. The four highly virtuoso musicians are each at home in both styles and move effortlessly between the genres, between interpretation and improvisation, between delicate and impetuous.

In the extremely flexible instrumentation (violin, clarinet, guitar and cello), chamber music interplay in the best string quartet tradition is just as possible as the fiery swing of a gypsy jazz combo. Here, jazz musicians are not simply brought together with classical musicians – here, four artists are at work, each of whom has a sound education in both styles. That is why new, particularly close forms of interaction are possible. The quartet does not simply provide classical melodies with a swinging rhythm. Classical music and jazz are interwoven in a multi-layered way and complement each other to form their own universal language. The concept of mixing, even merging, the two styles, also presented in an unusual instrumental line-up, runs like a thread through the concert and builds up enormous arcs of tension. The result is entertaining, varied and quite simply virtuosic – the intense musicality of the four professionals is infectious and inspiring.


The musicians

Sergey Didorenko (violin) studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, graduating with a diploma followed by postgraduate studies. Afterwards he was active as a soloist of various orchestras in Moscow. Among others, he was concertmaster of the Moscow State Radio Orchestra. In Germany, the artist completed studies in jazz violin at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. He performs with various orchestras worldwide (tours to Australia, Asia and Europe). In addition to making music, the violinist published a book on philosophy.

Alexander von Hagke (clarinet) performs regularly under his own name as well as with other top-class ensembles at many major festivals in large parts of Europe as well as in Asia and the USA. He has released two CDs under his own name. The scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation studied clarinet and saxophone in New York and Munich. In 2011, he received the Bavarian Art Sponsorship Award.

Alex Jung (guitar), who graduated with honors from the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich in classical music and jazz, plays regularly with well-known jazz greats such as Klaus Doldinger and John Marshall. He has released three CDs under his own name and teaches at the Musikhochschule München.

Eugen Bazijan (cello) studied classical music with H. Cenariu and jazz with G. Hübner at the Munich Musikhochschule. Extensive concert tours with orchestras and chamber music groups have taken him as far as the Sydney Opera House. As a jazz soloist he plays with international stars such as Abdullah Ibrahim and Cleave Guyton. In addition to his concert activities, he is active as a composer in numerous theater and film projects.


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