Las Sombras – Casino Tango Noir


Simone Graf flute, vibrandoneon
Florian Gutmann saxophone
Florian Schmid guitar, mandolin
Bernhard Sinz piano, accordion
Ralf Zeranski double bass


Klaudiusz Zylinski percussion, vibraphone, bells
Mika Tamura-Winklmeier violoncello

01.  Sala Vacia (Bernhard Sinz)  2:43
02.  Village Inn (Henry Mancini)  3:37
03.  Tango Casino Noir (S. Graf / F. Gutmann)  3:06
04.  Modinha (Heitor Villa-Lobos)  4:16
05.  Gallo Ciego (Augustin Bardi)  4:28
06.  Hijo de la Luna (José María Cano)  3:15
07.  El Dia Que Me Quieras (Carlos Gardel)  4:00
08.  Royal Flush (Burkhard Dersch)  4:47
09.  El Extranjero (Simone Graf)  2:59
10.  Blue Milonga (Bernhard Sinz)  5:17
11.  El Esquinazo Ángel (Villoldo)  3:30
12.  St. Germain 3.00 AM (Graham Lynch)  5:59
13.  El Puerto Isaac (Albéniz)  4:46
14.  Comme Il Faut (Eduardo Arolas)  3:01
15.  Les Yeux Fermés (Bernhard Sinz)  4:14

Tango, Jazz and Latin!

For those who dream of the greatest happiness now and then and are not averse to smaller adventures, the new album CASINO TANGO NOIR by Las Sombras will be a tingling pleasure for their spoiled ears. With a deft hand and a sure sense for captivating melodies, the quintet puts all its eggs in one basket in its second album: passion! Because tango and roulette share a secret – the eternal game of fate and passion.

Playful waltzes, Cuban rhythms, film music and bossa nova find their place on the production alongside old familiar and newly composed titles.

After their successful and highly acclaimed CD debut, Las Sombras once again succeed with CASINO TANGO NOIR in creating a gem of an underestimated art – the telling of stories entirely without words. The great moment or the darkest hour? What remains is an enchanting melody in the shadows of the night. When the ball rolls, time stops and fate dances a tango with you. Rien ne va plus! In the music of Las Sombras you can always feel the love of freedom of the tango: classical virtuosity merges with South American temperament. The tango of Las Sombras flirts with jazz, classical and world music. Smaller adventures not excluded.


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