Quadro Nuevo – Bethlehem


Evelyn Huber harp, salterio
Andreas Hinterseher accordion, bandoneon, vibrandoneon, indian drum, carillon, tenor recorder
Mulo Francel saxophone, clarinet, sansula, mandoline, mandola, guitar, tenor recorder
D.D. Lowka bass, percussion, xylophone, steel drum, bass recorder

Special guests:

Joscho Stephan guitar
Chris Gall piano

A few years ago, the world music group Quadro Nuevo started playing Christmas concerts. It became a strong necessity for the group that spends the rest of the year playing Tango and Balkan sounds. So they filled the halls with beautiful, Christmassy melodies.

Quadro Nuevo is presenting its new album Bethlehem for the cold season of the year.

The music is very close to the original thought of Christmas: The arrival of a new time that brings light and warmth to the dark. The adventure and challenge to musically realize the grace of charity. Instrumental treasures, celebrative and playful, as well as humble and thoughtful.

The repertoire is not limited to Christian songs. The virtuosos also add to the colorful variety of wintertime music by inspiring themselves with Jewish or Indigenous melodies, that carry the spirit of enlightenment and consolation.

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