Quadro Nuevo – End of the rainbow


Evelyn Huber harp, salterio
Andreas Hinterseher accordion, bandoneon, vibrandoneon
Mulo Francel saxophones, clarinets, psaltry, mandolin
D.D. Lowka bass, percussion

A realist would say: not at all

A philosopher would say: through your imagination

A theologian would say: through your believe

A cheater would say: give me some money and I’ll show you the way

A mother would say: in your dreams

A child would say: it’s super easy

A gate would say: behind the next hill, there it should be, I can see it clearly from here

A musician would say: listen

The end of the rainbow is the place where you will find beauty without feeling the desire to own that beauty.

Passionate Tangos, captivating Arabesques, melodies from old Europe. Illustrated with an orchestra but still intimate.

Almost lost songs, which are worth saving from being forgotten. Magical musical treasures like Charles Trenets’ “Que reste-t-il de nos amours,” Peter Kreuders “Du gehst durch all meine Träume” and “Tango del Mare” by Carlo Buti.

Breathtaking is also the intensity of Astor Piazzollas’ Tango-hymne “Oblvion.” In addition there are multiple new compositions from Quadro Nuevo.

Contemporary arrangements create a balance between orchestra and soloists, which allow the playful virtuosos from Quadro Nuevo to improvise wildly and freely – a joint ride on the magical flying carpet to the end of the rainbow.

The orchestra of the NDR is one of the most world-renowned and for the CD it plays in a big constellation. The collaboration with Quadro Nuevo exists since 2010 and has been responsible for countless sold out concerts and multiple joint work periods.

Conductor Enrique Ugarte is leading the Basque national orchestra San Sebastian and he has arranged many famous film scores. Furthermore he tours as an accordion player with Giora Feidman and hence is ideally suited to work with musicians like Quadro Nuevo. Ugarte is considered as a lucky coincidence for the connection between orchestra and soloists.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring since 1996 and has played well over 2700 concerts in all parts of the world, including: Sydney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New York, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tunis, Tel Aviv. From small Bavaria over the Alps to Porto, from Denmark to Ukraine, everywhere in Europe.

The CDs of Quadro Nuevo have received the German Jazz Award, climbed into the top ten of the Jazz and World music charts and have been awarded with the European price Golden Impala in Paris.

In the years of 2010 and 2011 the ensemble has been rewarded with the ECHO Jazz as best Live-Act of the year, the highest award from the “Deutscher Phonoverband.”

Beside the numerous CDs, the group also released a 224 pages autobiographic roadbook titled: “Grand Voyage.”





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