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Happy Release Day: Und Zarathustra tanzte – Kilian Kemmer Trio

Nietzsche’s idea of the “eternal return” inspired pianist and PhD philosopher Kilian Kemmer to write his new album “Und Zarathustra tanzte.” “I find the idea that I have to live this life, as I live and have lived it now, once again and countless times, extremely fascinating,” Kemmer says. “Who can say that with complete conviction?”

In musical aphorisms, the trio takes up various facets and motifs of the idea. The pieces are called, for example, the “Eternal Return”, “Shepherd” or “On Blissful Islands”. The trio also sets a poem by Nietzsche to music: “The Other Dance Song”. And what many do not know: Nietzsche himself sat at the piano and composed. Kemmer interprets his piece “Das Fragment an sich” in a short solo fragment in his very own way.

Here is the music:

More infos:

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