David & Danino Weiss Quartet – Violets for your furs


David Weiss accordion
Danino Weiss piano
Alexander Haas bass
Bernd Reiter drums

Django Reinhardt is and remains the great role model of the Gypsy Swing scene – admirers can be found both in the audience and among active musicians. Even today, 65 years after his death, this scene is still very much alive. In addition to the pure traditionalists, a number of young musicians show how this music can be developed further. David & Danino Weiss and their quartet are a good example of this and are now releasing their debut album “VIOLETS FOR YOUR FURS”.

How can you imagine the life of a Sinto in this day and age? David Weiss feels firmly rooted in Bavaria and the Bavarian culture and would never leave, as he has discovered his personal paradise here.

Nevertheless, there are some customs from the families, which are passed on from generation to generation. So, it goes without saying that David Weiss likes to travel and there is no way too far when it comes to reviving old traditions and family reunions.

Therefore, the way to his uncle Traubeli Weiss, guitarist and bandleader, was never too far and David and Danino Weiss could spend a lot of time with him. The two are self-taught and with the music-theoretical knowledge to which the uncle has given them direct access, they have discovered the right path together. Both sides have benefited from each other through this exchange of generations and respectful togetherness.

Guests on the album are Giovanni Weiss and Jeffrey Weiss (both Django Deluxe – two-time ECHO Jazz award winners), Biboul Darouiche and Bernd Reiter. Which songs were finally recorded, was partly spontaneously decided the day before the recordings. And sometimes from the gut, as the cover version of “You’re Mine You”. Without long rehearsals, the first attempt was already perfect for the recording.

What does this music, originating from this background, convey? It’s almost a language of its own and the quartet speaks it fluently. A gentle, unruffled, harmonious, melodious story is told – about campfire romance, a yearning for freedom, a desire for cohesion. The inclined listener may enjoy a dialogue between calm and dynamism. Art Van Damme, Erroll Garner, of course Django Reinhardt and above all the unforgotten Traubeli Weiss stood aside as Inspiration.

It’s a catchy album, an international album that the listener needs to have only an open ear and an open heart to understand. There are many stories to tell – and there will be many more modern Gipsy Jazz stories … the irrepressible offspring of the Weiss family will ensure that!


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