Roland Balogh – Twins Effect


Roland Balogh Guitar
Zoltán Balogh Piano
József Bordás Drums
Joseph Horváth Bass
Emilió feat. on Track 2
Mihály Borbély feat. on Track 6
Kitty Rontó feat. on Track 9

1. The Hero (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 9:33
2. Flamenco (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 7:20
3. In Memorian Fellini (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 7:18
4. Finucci Blues (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 7:37
5. Gipsy Camp Goes To Sky (Jevgenyij Doga) 5:56
6. Twins Effect (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 6:56
7. Round About Midnight (Thelonius Monk) 9:46
8. The Thief (Roland Balogh, Zoltán Balogh) 6:55
9. Lord I Come To You (Geoff Bullock) 6:25


“I try to share my own musical world and my musical message with the audience”.

These words come from Roland Balogh, one of the most talented jazz guitarists from Hungary. The 27 year old Hungarian packs into his message intoxicating jazz chords that he skillfully varies with varied rocking grooves. Influences from jazz fusion, Latin style and even African pop are unmistakable. All this can be heard on his debut CD, swinging, touching and charming.

His grandiose guitar playing is the result of early encouragement through private lessons with various guitarists.
Prizes and awards were not long in coming: at the age of 15 he won 3rd place at the Hungarian International Jazz Festival (together with his twin brother on piano) A year later followed a prize at the Szolnok Jazz Guitar Competition. In 2008 Roland Balogh won the second place at the Hungarian Jazz Combo Competition with his band Finucci Bros Quartet. In 2009, Roland Balogh celebrated his greatest success at the prestigious “Montreux Jazz Guitar” competition (under the jury chairmanship of Lee Ritenour), where he not only delighted the audience, but also won first place. In 2010 he won the “Voice & Guitar” competition in Völklingen together with the singer Emilio.


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