Tuija Komi – Something


Tuija Komi Vocals

Walter Lang Piano, Fender Rhodes
Peter Cudek Bass
Martin Kolb Drums
Dusko Goykovich Trumpet
Vlad Cojocaru Accordion

01. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing (Stevie Wonder) 4:14
02. What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life (Michel Legrand, Alan and Marylin Bergman) 4:05
03. Five O’clock In The Morning feat. Dusko Goykovich (Dusko Goykovich, Tuija Komi) 6:07
04. Tulenliekki (Antonio Brave, Orvokki Itä) 6:20
05. Poinciana feat. Vlad Cojocaru (Nat Simon, Buddy Bernier) 5:16
06. Your Love Is King (Sade Adu, Stuart Colin Matthewman) 4:59
07. Nuoren Tytön Valssi feat. Vlad Cojocaru (Eero Koivistoinen, Juice Leskinen) 3:56
08. You And I feat. Vlad Cojocaru (Stevie Wonder) 6:21
09. Laulu Unelmista Ja Kuusta (Jukka Linkola, Hendrik Hulden) 4:49
10. Myrskyluoden Maija (Lasse Martensson) 4:20
11. If I Were A Bell (Frank Loesser) 3:38
12. Every Tear (Has The Right To Come Out) Tuija Komi 5:10

After wonderful confusion (in Finnish Rempallaan) in 2009, as Tuija Komi called her first solo CD, now follows wonderful togetherness: On her second CD the Finnish singer gathers wonderful music of the most diverse kind and dedicates it to the whole spectrum of life: With the beguiling melting of her sensual voice, she conjures up familiar romantic moods, elemental longing and passion, painful farewells and sweet modesty, moments of supreme happiness, but also melancholy nostalgia and contemplative poetry told In words and melodies from the repertoire of blues, jazz, Latin, pop, soul, tango and world music.

You can also hear classics as well as rarely played jewels from the fund of Finnish music. Special highlights are a self-written song (with catchy tune factor!) and a jazz ballad by the world-class trumpeter and jazz veteran Dusko Goykovich, for which Tuija wrote the lyrics, quasi as a commissioned work.

These treasures are presented in imaginative arrangements, in which the familiar suddenly resounds in unexpectedly fresh form, such as What are you doing the Rest of your Life by Michel Legrand in optimistically upbeat Latin style. Cheerful feel-good classics by Stevie Wonder, performed refreshingly and without slag, bring good humor. Mystical melodies from the far north give an inkling of the fascinating magic of sun-wind-filled polar nights.

With her versatile vocal style, her irresistibly sympathetic charisma and a sure artistic sense for intermediate tones, this blonde power voice brings the character of each song to the fore and fills the soul with melodiousness, creating inner fairy tale images populated by elves, trolls and nymphs. This extremely cross-country Nordic nightingale can rely on a band whose musicians act like a perfectly tuned body of sound, soulful and yet with precise, springy timing, and present their singer like a sparkling vocal jewel in a noble setting of radiant sound gold.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – the motto of this CD was originally meant for brides and grooms and says what they should wear to the wedding ceremony, namely: A bit of something old, a bit of something new, also something borrowed and something in blue. This old saying also describes the song selection: Songs with a glorious past, new and mysterious ballads, dreamy melodies borrowed (to be given their own lyrics). Of course, also pieces that pay homage to the Nordic melancholy, melancholy tell of great love and intimately evoke the blues. So the full program, like from real life. Because if you can’t cry from the heart, you have no talent for unrestrained joy.


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