Esther Kaiser

Esther Kaiser is one of the singers who have been shaping today’s “German Vocal Jazz” for years in a cross-stylistic and versatile way; she is a vocalist who seeks to combine jazz and improvisation with other musical currents in various projects. In March 2022, her seventh solo album “Water” will be released, on which she has also contributed as a producer, composer and lyricist.

The distinguished jazz vocalist studied until 2002 at the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin and already made a name for herself during this time, among other things, through the vocal group BERLIN VOICES, which she co-founded, and was a singer in the Bundesjugendjazzorchester (BuJazzO) under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer.

Since 2014, she has been a professor of voice jazz rock pop at the Dresden University of Music with a focus on teaching and IGP and also gives workshops and coaching in Germany and abroad.

She has worked, among others. with musicians such as Tino Derado, Marc, Muellbauer, Roland Schneider, Rüdiger Krause, Uwe Steinzmetz, Daniel Stickan, Franz Bauer, Birgitta Flick, Céline Rudolph, Daniel Mattar, Judy Niemack, Sebastian Studnitzky, Marie-Christine Gitmann, Carlos Bica, Arne Jansen, Hasan Al Nour, Akram Al-Siraj, Claus-Dieter Bandorf, Sven Klammer, Marc Secara, Kristofer Benn, Sarah Kaiser, Rolf Zielke, Natascha Roth, Kim Nazarian (New York Voices), Tanja Pannier and many more. a.m.

Recording Artist Esther Kaiser

In 2004 Esther Kaiser debuted with her CD “Jazz Poems” (Double Moon Records) as the first artist of the renowned series “Next Generation” of the magazine “Jazzthing”.

Her albums “The moment we met” (Minor Music, 2006) and “Cosy in Bed” (GLM, 2009) followed. A sideproject of Esther Kaiser was the album “*sternklar” with contemporary arrangements of old folk songs, released in 2012. (HGBS label)

In 2015, Esther Kaiser’s collaboration with GLM continued with the release of the CD “Learning how to listen – the music of Abbey Lincoln”, a co-production with RBB.

Here Esther Kaiser’s identity as a musical “storyteller”, who does not leave out socio-political topics in her music, comes into its own.

The intensive study of Abbey Lincoln was in turn the inspiration and precursor for Esther Kaiser’s album “Songs of Courage” (GLM, 2018).

Jazz sounds meet oriental sounds here, Berlin jazz musicians meet refugee musicians from Syria and Iraq.

“I was looking for ways to express myself through my medium, music – also in social issues. And to open my mouth – in the truest sense of the word. That’s important to me, especially at the moment, with the current issues and mood in society, this sometimes irreconcilable division between people and opinions.”  (Esther Kaiser)

The new album “WATER” (2022):

Their new album “Water” , recorded during the second Corona Lockdown and with musical guests such as Sebastian Studnitzky on trumpet and Marie-Christin Gitman on oboe and English horn deals with the element “water” and reflects this current topic in many ways musically and in terms of content. By means of unusual sounds such as the glass harp and the convincing compositions of Esther Kaiser and Tino Derado, an exciting reminiscence of the origin of all life succeeds: water.

Discography Esther Kaiser:

“Jazz Poems”, 2004 (Double Moon Records)
“The moment we met”, 2006 (Minor Music)
“Berlin Voices – States of Mind”, 2007 (VanDyckRecords)
“Cosy in Bed”, 2009 (GLM/ Fine Music)
“Berlin Voices – About Christmas”, 2010 (Hännsler Classic)
“*sternklar” – German folk songs, 2012 (HGBS).
“Learning how to listen – the music of Abbey Lincoln,” 2015 (GLM/ Fine Music)
“Songs of Courage,” 2018 (GLM/ Fine Music)
“Water,” 2022 (GLM/ Fine Music)

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