Mulo Francel

Mulo Francel (born 1967 in Munich) is a saxophonist and globetrotter. Also known as the creative whirlwind of the ensemble Quadro Nuevo. He toured to the farthest corners of the world. From Bavaria to the Balkans to Bolivia and Buenos Aires.

He studied saxophone, clarinet and composition in Munich (Germany), Linz (Austria) and New York.

Over the years Mulo Francel developed his very own authentic version of World Music. He has given more than 4000 concerts around the globe, has received numerous prizes such as the European Impala, the ECHO Jazz for Best Live Act and the Gold Award for the Quadro Nuevo album Mocca Flor.
The Kulturnews magazine credits him with the “most sensuous saxophone sound in Europe”.

The saxophonist released over 40 albums.

Mulo Francel’s saxophone tells stories. Wide-stretched melody lines give an idea of how broad-minded extravagance can override the small-scale limits of the earthly.


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