Mulo Francel – Mountain Melody

Release: 29.10.2021

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Mulo Francel – sax, clarinet

with the bands Quadro Nuevo, Cairo Steps, Café del Mundo, Die Abenteurer

Nicole Heartseeker – indian bina harmonium
Sokratis Sinopoulos – lyra
Evelyn Huber – harp, santur
Aidin Tavakkol – vocal
Chris Gall – piano
Bernie Schimpelsberger – percussion

The essence of the mountain becomes sound.
The vastness of the view becomes melody.

Mulo Francel is a saxophonist and globetrotter. With his ensemble Quadro Nuevo he has been traveling the world for 25 years. As if he wanted to get an overview, the multiple ECHO prize winner soars high in all these places. Growing up at the foot of the Alps, mountaineering is a natural need for the instrumental artist. “Up here, the mind gains a generous attitude. The problems and proportions of everyday life stay in the valley.”

Over several years, in different countries, Mulo Francel climbed with musical friends*. Sometimes arduous, but always in good spirits. Always with high quality recording equipment. Always with an instrument. On the almost 3000 meter high seat of the gods, Olympus, they dragged a bass-balalaika and a copper tube glockenspiel in addition to a saxophone and an Indian harmonium.

The absolute height of the mountain is not always decisive. The crater rim of Vulcano north of Sicily is only a few hundred meters above sea level. Hot rock. Steaming sulfur plumes. On one side, the eye drops down into the volcanic cone. Here the Romans heard Vulcanus, the god of forging and fire, hammering away. Thus the mountain became the namesake for all volcanoes. The sound of the saxophone reverberates as if in a huge amphitheater. On the other side, the eye wanders over the mythdrenched Aeolian island world.


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