Andreas Hinterseher – Stay away and play

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Andreas Hinterseher has been on tour for over twenty years.

On tour with the tireless world music band Quadro Nuevo. From the small jazz club to the big concert halls, from the intimate quartet concert with the three friends to the big gig with full orchestra.

Exciting and full of challenges. In the luggage accordion, bandoneon and vibrandone-on, a noble form of melodica. Hotel, dressing room, stage, highway, studio. Restless but fun-filled years, full of beautiful moments on stage, full of inspiring journeys and encounters with special people.

Until March 2020.

Suddenly: quarantine, performance ban, lockdown – silence ….

… and from the silence sounds music.

The studio in Fischbachau, which until then had been used mainly for quickly practicing a new program or composing pieces, was suddenly the sole center of creative work.

A grand piano, a trumpet, a drum set and the well-traveled accordion. Plus all the time in the world, completely undisturbed by all interruptions. A few microphones, and so the initially carefree pastime very quickly became a small band. But a band without bass. And so Andreas Hinterseher opened his wallet – just once during this time – and bought an electric bass without further ado. There was enough time to practice and the new band – consisting of only one person – could release a new piece every last Friday of the month. From an intimate accordion-trumpet duo to a large Latin big band. From Piazzolla-inspired tango to wistful songs of longing for the sea and for freedom.

A completely different life, but nonetheless highly fulfilling, inspiring and educational. Stay Away And Play, La Nostalgia per il Mare, Suenos de Buenos Aires, the wistful memories of a long ago journey to the city of tango. Thrown back on himself and on the instruments in the basement, Andreas Hinterseher set out to peel his own music out of the experiences of many years on tour, to use the crisis to take a big creative step.

And yet, in the loneliness of exile from life outside, he was not alone. All over the world, musicians were banished to their own four walls, nowhere was there any more public playing, nowhere did people stand together on stage as a band.

And so they joined forces in the digital world.  Mateo Stoneman, a wonderful Latino singer from Los Angeles, plus Jorge Chicoy, former guitarist of the great Arturo Sandoval. And Enrique Lazaga on maracas, one of the great legends of Cuban music, member of the Buena Vista Social Club. Helena Goldt, the expressive singer from Kazakhstan, who grew up in Franconia and now lives in Berlin. Katie Barlas, the violinist with a lot of Russian soul. And her longtime friend Tanja Conrad on the violin. They have often met, Quadro Nuevo with string quartet, Quadro Nuevo with the Munich Radio Orchestra or with the Munich Symphony Orchestra. With her, whose father comes from Argentina, they created “El ultimo Tango en Cuarentena”, the last tango in quarantine. Or Chrisa Lazariotou, a singer from Greece with her wonderful Greek lute, the lavta. With her he recorded an old piece of classical Turkish music.

Stay Away And Play is the result of a year and a half of pandemic, the creative way out of what is actually an existential catastrophe.  All energy withdrawn from complaining and on the breeding ground of a pure and completely stopped situation put into what has given us strength as humans at all times: In the music.


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