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Delightful chaos (in Finnish „Rempallaan“) as Tuija Komi called her first solo album in 2009, is now followed by delightful cooperation: On her second CD „Something“ the Finnish singer combines wonderful music of all kinds and dedicates it to the whole bandwidth of life: With the tantalizing lustre of her sultry voice she invokes intimate romantic moods, elemental yearning and passion, painful goodbyes, moments of incredible bliss, but also nostalgic melancholy and contemplative poetry – told in words and melodies drawn from the repertoires of blues, jazz, Latin, pop, soul, tango and world music. She alsoo presents classics and rare gems from the stock of Finnish music. Special highlights come in the form of a catchy song written by herself, a jazz ballad by worldclass trumpet player and jazz legend Dusko Goykovich, for which Tuija – as a commissioned piece, so to speak – wrote the lyrics.

These gems are being performed in innovative arrangements that unexpectedly present the familiar in new forms, like for example „What are you doing the Rest of your Life“ by Michel Legrand in optimistic and lively Latin style. Stevie Wonder’s cheerful feel-good classics, rendered refreshingly and flawlessly, put the listener in a good mood. Mystic melodies from up North bring a sense of the captivating magic of polar nights fired by solar winds.

This blonde power voice‘s versatile singing style, irresistible charm and artistic intuition for fine nuances bring out the character of each song – filling souls with euphony and evoking images of fairy tales populated with elves, trolls and nymphs. In all this, the multi-faceted Nordic nightingale can rely on a band whose musicians form a perfectly tuned body of sound, operating on impeccable timing, and presenting their singer like a brilliant jewel of song in a precious setting of radiant music.

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„Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue” – this CD’s motto was originally directed at brides and grooms, providing them with guidelines on what to wear on their wedding day.

This old adage now also describes this song selection: songs with a glorious past, new and mysterious ballads, dreamy melodies that were „borrowed“ to be furnished with words. Of course, pieces that honor the Nordic wistfulness, melancholically telling of endless love – and devoutly swearing to the Blues. The whole gamut, just like in real life. Because if you can’t cry with all your heart, you won’t find unbridled joy. Tuija Komi has performed internationally on the stages of Germany, Finnland, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain and New York.

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