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Happy Release Day: Giovanni Costello – In alto Mare

The title of Giovanni Costello’s new album “In alto Mare” has never sounded so topical. After all, we have been “on the high seas” for some time now – in the sense applied to Corona and the world situation – and in troubled waters at that. At the mercy of the whims of nature and fate, but also set out for new shores and on a journey. All of which flows into Costello’s album, even if it shines primarily in Italian colors, because it depicts Costello’s career path and experiences all around: From Cantautori songwriting and jazzy crooner vocals to international pop and funk.

A bandwidth that was mapped out early on. Even as a small boy, Costello ran through his grandmother’s kitchen singing Celentano hits; at seven he learned the piano and soon after stood on a stage for the first time. While still at school, he formed his first band – with which he toured all over Italy by the time he was 18. It quickly became clear that he would make music his profession. But it was also clear that he wanted to have a solid foundation. So he studied piano in Perugia and composition in Milan. One of the ways he financed his studies was by performing as a bar pianist as often as he could. An intensive time and an important wealth of experience, which Costello takes up on “In alto Mare” with his version of Francesco De Gregori’s “La donna cannone” and lets it pass in review.

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