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New release: Quadro Nuevo – Happy Deluxe

The music of Quadro Nuevo radiates the joy of an adventurous life. Every melody tells of it. Every note reflects the deep love for the instrument. Every journey shapes the extravagant musicianship of the ensemble.

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The band members once spent tango nights in Buenos Aires. They returned from a daring trip across the Balkans with a Gitanesque swing. They sailed through the Aeolian Islands on the trail of ancient myths, climbed lava-spewing volcanoes in Iceland and celebrated triumphs in the Carnegie Hall of New York’s jazz metropolis.

And it was also travel that inspired the musicians on their new album Happy Deluxe:
“On the Greek islands, we found the magnetic 80s song Erotiko by Nikos Xydakis. We developed an instrumental arrangement from it and shot a video on Santorini: the vastness of the Aegean, ancient statues and our hands on the instruments.”
Most recently, the virtuosos toured Brazil, intoxicating themselves with pulsating samba, lively chorinho and sunny bossa nova. They roamed through jungles to the wild beaches of the island of Ilha Grande, where the song of the same name was composed.
Several times they found the world’s best Caipirinha – not only on the Copacabana – and paid homage to it with a relaxed little song.

In Rio de Janeiro, they rehearsed for days in the shimmering midday heat, swarmed
out in the evenings, threw themselves into the scene and then went into the studio: daring improvisations, sometimes swinging high into the buzzing air, sometimes diving into glittering seas, sometimes chillingly spun in daydreams and night owls.
The result is the new album HAPPY DELUXE.

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Happy Release Day: Sandro Roy – Exploration

EC 619

CD, Download & Stream                      Release: 15.03.2024

Sandro Roy fuses the horizons of classical music and jazz on his violin to create an unrivalled aesthetic and virtuoso style. At the highest musical level, he is able to combine the gipsy swing of his ancestors, breathtaking improvisation, technical brilliance and a tone full of charm and warmth in his violin playing.

Despite his almost youthful age, Roy can already look back on a long musical career with concerts at renowned festivals and solo appearances with prestigious big bands and orchestras in major concert halls.

Now the grooving violinist is releasing his new album Exploration.

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More news: New Quadro Nuevo single “Ipanema Calling

And we proudly present:

New single by Andreas Hinterseher: Milonga

FM406 Streaming

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Happy Release Day: Izabella Effenberg – Impressions in Colours

“Izabella’s latest project combines the sound of vibraphone and harp with very special, unusual instruments such as glass harp, sundrum, array mbira, marimba, steel drum, crotales
or Waterphone, which rarely appear in jazz and improvised music. This creates completely new worlds of sound. Inspired by impressionism. The listener gets a chance to experience a new, different sound experience. The album features the extraordinary Polish – Japanese singer Yumi Ito from Basel (CH).

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More information:

Izabella Effenberg – Impressions in Colours feat. Yumi Ito

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Happy Release Day: Nicole Heartseeker & Mulo Francel – Moon River

In their brand new fourth album, the duo Nicole Heartseeker & Mulo Francel offer a new perspective on the Great American Songbook when its melodies sound like Chopin or Erik Satie.

When “Fly me to the Moon” dances a nocturnal waltz with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, when “Lullaby of Birdland” unfolds a baroque flair.

A new listening experience is created when a piano refreshes these old hits with classical patterns and a saxophone flavors them with elegant jazz improvisations.

Listen to the music:

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Happy Release Day: Matthias Well – Maria Well – Vladislav Cojocaru Zingarissimo

The trio Matthias Well, Maria Well and Vladislav Cojocaru joins a special tradition with this album: Hungarian folk music.

Already in their early childhood, the siblings Matthias and Maria Well came into contact with this musical genre through their maternal grandfather. The grandfather, who came from the Hungarian town of Balas-sagyarmat, grew up above a lively coffee house where musicians stopped in every day and played typical Magyar folk melodies with their instruments. As a young boy, he was handed a violin one evening with the words “Hegedüljed” (‘Play!’). This event awakened his love for Hungarian music, which was passed down through generations.

But decades earlier, Hungarian folk music had already conquered the world’s great stages: between 1869 and 1880, Johannes Brahms published his 21 Hungarian Dances. Influenced early on by his former touring partner, the Hungarian violinist Eduard Reményi, he appropriated motifs and passages to adapt them in his own style and create new melodies.

Listen to the music:

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