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Happy Release Day: Izabella Effenberg – Impressions in Colours

“Izabella’s latest project combines the sound of vibraphone and harp with very special, unusual instruments such as glass harp, sundrum, array mbira, marimba, steel drum, crotales
or Waterphone, which rarely appear in jazz and improvised music. This creates completely new worlds of sound. Inspired by impressionism. The listener gets a chance to experience a new, different sound experience. The album features the extraordinary Polish – Japanese singer Yumi Ito from Basel (CH).

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Izabella Effenberg – Impressions in Colours feat. Yumi Ito

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Happy Release Day: Isabelle Bodenseh – Flowing Mind

The combination of flute and organ trio is refreshingly unconsumed and appealing, especially when it comes along with as much ingenuity as it does with Isabelle Bodenseh, Thomas Bauser, Lorenzo Petrocca and Lars Binder, who already attracted attention in 2018 with the album “Mrs. Bo’s Cookbook”.

Not only do the four of them swing incessantly and challenge each other with crafty and inspiring original compositions, they even form a grooving organic unity that is downright exemplary for this combination of instruments.

Rarely have flute-organ pairings achieved such amazing homogeneity and fine-tuned playing as we can admire on this album.

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