Café del mundo – La Perla


Café del mundo:
Jan Pascal flamenco guitar
Alexander Kilian flamenco guitar
Sandro Gulino bass
Cesar Gamero percussion
Alberto Menéndez saxophon & flute

Angela Frontera drums
Mulo Francel (Quadro Nuevo) tenor-sax
D.D. Lowka (Quadro Nuevo) Bass
Joo Kraus (Tab Two) trumpet
Mamuka Ghaghanidze (The Shin) vocals

Café del Mundo: Two guitars dancing on a pearl. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian are two decorated Flamneco-nuevo-guitarists from the south of Germany, which dedicated their lives to the music of the Spanish south.

La Perla

The compositions of Café del Mundo are based on century old Flamenco-dances like Solea, Buleria, Tientos and Latin-American rhythms like Salsa, Rumba and Samba. However the abolishment of old traditions Trias Baile, Cante, Toque – Dance, Vocals and Play, are radically new. Brilliantly and enchantingly the two guitarists open up the music of Flamenco guitar to the large audience. Jan Pascal and Alexander Kilian met at a Flamenco-guitar-workshop back in 2007 and since then they have been composing and playing concerts under the name Café del Mundo throughout Germany and its neighboring countries. The album La Perla was created at a mansion in La Nucia, Valencia.

The debut CD of Café del Mundo – La Perla is a fascinating collection of traditional Flamenco-rhythms and artistic Latin-Jazz impressions that were arranged in delicate guitar duologue of highest skill.

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