GLM Allstars – The Sonnenhausen Sessions


Stefanie Boltz vocals
Max Bloching bass
Michl Bloching (bass-)clarinet, tenor-saxophone, accordeon
Martina Eisenreich violin, viola
Sven Faller bass
Mulo Francel tenor-saxophone
Stephan Glaubitz bass
Andreas Hinetrseher accordeon
Evelyn Huber harp
Sonja Huber vibraphone
Martin Kälberer piano
Alexander Kilian flamenco guitar
Hannah Köpf vocals
Cornelius Claudio Kreusch piano
Johannes Tonio Kreusch concert guitar
Wolfgang Lohmeier kalimba, mill tone, talking drum, udu, small percussion
Ecco DiLorenzo vocals
D.D. Lowka bass
Christoph Müller guitar
Jan Pascal flamenco guitar
Tom Wörndl guitar
sowie als Gäste
Georg Schweisfurth alphorn
Reinhard Greiner trumpet

GLM Allstars – A collective of more than twenty renowned artists from various music ensembles signed with GLM Music. Sonnenhausen – this was the place of creativity. Beautifully located in the proximity of Munich, Sonnenhausen has a well suited room for large recording sessions. It was the ideal place to record the album back in March 2014.

Mulo Francel, Martina Eisenreich, Wolfgang Lohmeier and Stefanie Boltz are the inventors of this original session.

What better way to celebrate 25 years of GLM than with an anniversary CD? So it came that various artists from the GLM roaster got together to compose new original tracks, that were recorded in numerous, diverse formats.

Originally, it was planned to record 12 songs with a vintage analogue 24 track tape machine, which was provided by sound engineer Wolfgang Lohmeier, however the final track list contained 18 songs. The musical influences are widely spread from World Music to Jazz, musical idols of the artists, the beauty of nature and life itself. Sometimes in a big constellation, sometimes in a duet, instrumental or with vocals, all of the compositions have a few things in common: They were created with the emotion and feel of the location, everybody was highly motivated and curious to explore the collaboration with the colleagues of the label.

The music of the album shows a connection and openness of the musicians. You can feel that GLM is more than just a label, it feels as if it is one big family, which can be experienced through the booklet and video recordings of the event.

Ideas, conversations, collective lunches, exchange of emotions and especially good music were at the heart of this five-day adventure. The result: A CD of highest musical talent, incredible tension and variety and exceptional passion from all the participants.

Concerts for the GLM Allstars are booked by Stefanie Boltz. More information for booking can be found on:

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