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Mulo Francel saxophone

The Sax & the Sea

“You’ve just put the CD on. You’ve heard the first few bars of saxophone and now you’re waiting for the band to start? I’m sorry but that’s not going to happen. What you’re listening to are solo melodies.” – Mulo Francel

Compared to other instruments such as the violin, guitar or the organ, the saxophone has its limits. It has a range of two and a half octaves and the melodies are linear, which rules out the vibration of several notes simultaneously: so – no chords.

Using special compositions, individual tone production, circular breathing and the inclusion of some intriguing acoustics, Mulo Francel plumbs the depths of what is possible with this instrument.

Over a period of three years, he recorded in locations close to the sea: St. Martin-in-the Fields in London, a sunken cistern in Istanbul, at the Zadar sea organ, on the Red Sea, in a back street in Venice, at a secluded forest lake in Sweden, in the old Frisian cathedral in Nieblum, at the Liverpool docks, a tango in Buenos Aires, Lisbon….

What has emerged is a superbly recorded and wonderfully atmospheric album with exquisitely meditative moments.

Mulo Francel: “For me it’s all about connecting place, time, acoustic, story and melody. By using refined microphone techniques, we try to capture the special sound of the individual space and make it audible”.

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Mulo Francel and his ensemble Quadro Nuevo ( are two-time recipients of the ECHO and perform in concert world-wide. Their albums have brought them the German Jazz Award 18 times.

The magazine Kulturnews recently credited Mulo Francel with having “the most sensual saxophone sound in Europe today”

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