Quadro Nuevo – Tango Bitter Sweet


Mulo Francel tenor sax, soprano sax, c-melody sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet, mandoline, vibraphone and others
D.D. Lowka acoustic bass, percussions, vocals and others
Andreas Hinterseher accordion, vibrandoneon, piano and others
Robert Wolf guitar and others

01. L`été indien (Salvatore Cutugno & Pasquale Losito) 4:53
02. Swing vagabond (Mulo Francel & Andreas Hinterseher) 4:31
03. Petite fleur Sidney (Bechet) 4:07
04. Tango bitter sweet (Mulo Francel) 3:49
05. Paroles, paroles (Gianni Ferrio) 4:42
06. The windmills of your mind (Michel Legrand) 1:53
07. Tango jalousie (Jakob Gade) 5:07
08. Avant de mourir´- son nefes (Georges Boulanger) 4:13
09. Malafemmena “Totò” (Antonio de Curtis) 4:18
10. Milonga tati (Mulo Francel & D.D. Lowka) 4:40
11. Et maintenant (Gilbert Bécaud) 5:11
12. An einem Winterabend (Andreas Hinterseher) 3:27
13. Müde Sonne (Jerzy Petersburski) 4:36
14. Isla de las mujeres (Robert Wolf) 2:01
15. Gloomy sunday (Rezso Seress) 4:06
16. Afternoon (Robert Wolf) 1:30
17. At night (Mulo Francel) 2:53
18. Sabre dance – Säbeltanz – Danse du sabre (Aram Khatchaturian) 3:36

Quadro Nuevo sends the tango on a wondrous journey. Magnetic melodies from Europe – wild temperament driven between eastern and western winds, between consuming longing and pleasurable fulfillment – between the bitter and the sweet. This is the world of tango as played by Quadro Nuevo.

The instrumental quartet has long since found its very own form of sound poetry that defies genre pigeonholing. Starting from a European-influenced tango, Quadro Nuevo enriches this musical style with elements of flamenco, valse musette, Balkan swing and an incomparable Mediterranean lightness.

On the current album “Tango Bitter Sweet” European classics like “Petite Fleur”, “Tango Jalousie” or the Sabre Dance blossom in fresh, shimmering colors. Almost forgotten melodies touch the senses again, make butterflies dance on the skin and send wanderlust into the heart.
In addition, electrifying original compositions are mixed in, which tell of the vagabond life of the four virtuosos addicted to playing.

This CD again sounds in the unmistakable Quadro Nuevo sound:

Sensual like the summer nights on the Mediterranean, rousing like passion, bitter-sweet like the pain of love.

Even 70s hits like Dalida’s “Paroles, Paroles” or “L’été indien” by Joe Dassin are given so much personal flair that one can hardly escape them.

The secret is devotion. Rarely has one experienced music performed with so much excitement, verve, almost tender love for the instrument and empathy for foreign cultures.

Many listeners have succumbed to the charm of this music and have bought the five CDs released so far in such large numbers that Quadro Nuevo has now received 13 Jazz Awards and already five European Impala in silver. In addition, the albums have spent weeks at number one in the World Music charts, in the top ten of the Jazz charts, and made it into the top 100 of the German album charts. Quadro Nuevo’s latest work even entered the official German album charts at number 47 in the week of release and stayed in the Top 100 for four weeks – both equally sensational for purely acoustic instrumental music! In the jazz charts, the CD with the unusual packaging even reached number 2. After just one week, “Tango Bitter Sweet” was awarded the first Jazz Award.

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