Quadro Nuevo – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Italienische Reise (Audiobook in German)


spoken from:

Ulrich Tukur
Ulrike Kriener
Frank T. Zumbach

musikalisch begleitet von Quadro Nuevo:

Mulo Francel Saxophone, Klarinetten, Mandoline
Robert Wolf Gitarre, Waterphone
Andreas Hinterseher Akkordeon, Vibrandoneon
D.D. Lowka Kontrabass, Percussion

Texts from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
Italian Journey (1786/87), Letters and Venetian Epigrams (1790).

Plus contemporary commentaries by Charlotte von Stein, Ludwig Börne, Friedrich von Schiller, Karl Philipp Moritz, Johann Caspar Goethe, Karl August Böttiger, August Kestner

Freedom as a stranger. On September 3, 1786, Goethe escapes from his own birthday party in Karlsbad, Bohemia, and hurries away incognito in a stagecoach. As the painter Philippe Möller, he is driven to “the land where the lemons bloom. Happy months lead the disguised privy councilor across and along the Italian boot – Lake Garda, Verona, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples get to know and love the sharp-eyed sensualist with eyes and ears, nose, mouth and just as expertly as curiously touching. His journey becomes Goethe’s fulfillment of long-cherished dreams.

With Goethe’s travel diary in hand, Ulrich Tukur and Ulrike Kriener trace this poetic dream. The music ensemble Quadro Nuevo stands on quiet street corners and noisy piazzas, observes the traveler, follows his thoughts. Old canzoni and melodies of an Italy that has almost faded away awaken the dream images of the south. Goethe’s Arcadia – to this day, for us wintry Central Europeans, a land full of promises of Mediterranean idyll and exuberant life, it tastes of lingering and setting out, of wine, olives, decaying world empire and captivating Italianità.

A co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk Bayern 4 Klassik.


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