Le Bang Bang – Headbang


Stefanie Boltz Vocals
Sven Faller Bass

01. Windmills of your mind (Michel Legrand, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman) 3:27
02. I want to see her dead (Sven Faller) 3:07
03. Back in Black (Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson) 3:40
04. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer) 2:24
05. Nothing else matters (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich) 3:19
06. I get lost (Sven Faller) 4:28
07. Owner of a lonely heart (Trevor Rabin, Jon Anderson, Chris Squire) 3:07
08. Midnight Sun (Lionel Hampton, Sonny Burke, Johnny Mercer) 5:21
09. Life on mars (David Bowie) 3:26
10. Old man (Neil Young) 3:24
11. Headbang (Stefanie Boltz) 1:16
12. A case of you (Joni Mitchell) 3:32
13. Creep (Radiohead) 2:16
14. 6 (Sven Faller) 1:26
15. Junimond (Rio Reiser, Martin Hartmann) 3:27
16. Don’t look back in anger (Noel Gallagher) 4:10

„HEADBANG“ – this CD will make any blockhead bob his head.

LE BANG BANG don’t beat their heads against the wall but use their brains to open new doors. A singer and a bass player – bang. Stefanie Boltz and Sven Faller master the power and epic grandeur of rock classics by AC/DC, Radiohead, Yes, Bowie or Metallica just as effortless as the multi faceted shades of the more subtle music of Joni Mitchell or Michel Legrand. Neither headless nor lofty, „HEADBANG“ is music for the soul, feet and mind.

A voice and a bass can be more than enough to magically create an evening’s program that can compete with a philharmonic orchestra in richness of colors and dynamic range. LE BANG BANG have proven this ability in countless exciting concerts since the premiere of their debut „BANG BANG“ (GLM, 2011). They will present „HEADBANG“ in an extended tour of Europe starting March 2013

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