Philipp Stauber – Sugar


Philipp Stauber guitar
Henning Sieverts bass
Bastian Jütte drums
Till Martin tenor-saxophone
Jan Eschke piano

Jazz is the fascination of a musical dialogue between equal partners in “real time”.
About a good song.
About a situation: in general and in particular.
About life. With body and soul. A dialogue between the participating musicians. And with their listeners.

Anyone in this country, who is interested in jazz guitar, has known about Philipp Stauber for quite some time. He ranks amongst the current German jazz guitarists, who understand and master the instrument in its complex, musical diversity. A smooth musician, who is equipped with all tools and means and also masters them when improvising.

Philipp Stauber – taught personally by Joe Pass and Howard Roberts as well as the legendary Viennese guitarist Kosta Lukacs and Karl Ratzer – is a jazz man through and through. The challenge of a musical interaction, the adventure of a spur of the moment encounter and dialogue within music fascinate him. And the magic which happens, when something unexpected and beautiful takes place, when sparks suddenly fly.

The Echo laureates Henning Sieverts (b) and Bastian Jütte (dr), the great tenor saxophonist Till Martin (ts) as well as the virtuoso Jan Eschke (p) make up the ideal partners for Philipp Stauber: all of them are highly successful bandleaders of their own projects. They have been working together since the late nineties. Their third album „Foolish Hearts“ (2011) received outstanding reviews within the German-speaking countries as well as internationally (USA/Australia) and even won the award „CD of the Year 2011“ (Archtop/Germany).

Within this context, the American magazine “JUST JAZZ GUITAR” devoted an elaborate feature to Philipp Stauber. This is a rare privilege which has otherwise only been bestowed to M. Sagmeister.

The present album “SUGAR” originates from a studio session and a live concert recording. Swinging, timeless jazz, elegant and always with the blues.

Five seasoned and brilliant musicians move with unsurpassable taste, sensitivity and virtuosity at the highest level of jazz tradition. They speak an instrumental language which is understandable and familiar yet full of surprises and incentives to listen on. They thus tell stories musically, which affect the listener and can be felt by them with heart and soul. Honest stories without affectation, needless chatter nor superficial fuss.

The interpersonal dramaturgy, which becomes perceptible to the listener through this music and in which he takes part, is electrifying, pleasant and heartwarming.

„It‘s time to help the rest of the jazz guitar world discover an exceptionally swinging, tasteful and inventive player…“ – JUST JAZZ GUITAR (USA)

„…a top notch jazzguitarist! A superb solo of single lines and oktaves.“ – JAZZ GUITAR SOCIETY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA

“A composer and arranger, who combines tradition with the modern in a wonderfully contemporary fashion blended with his own easily recognizable style.”- BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK

“Go! It‘s worth it!”- SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG


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