Stubenjazz – Lieder


Elke Wörndle vocals
Michael T. Otto kuhlohorn
Uli Binetsch trombone
Johannes Deffner guitar / percussion
Heiner Merk double bass
special guest: Christoph Scherer percussion

Modern and yet traditional, classic and jazzy, thoughtful and witty.

Once upon a time the only way to consume music at home was sitting comfortably in the parlor and making music together. Nowadays you can conjure up your desired atmosphere into the living room in seconds by putting on a record or use a more current streaming service … but where is the family music with its old songs? The five-headed combo STUBENJAZZ from Lake Constance provides a friendly visit to every jazz-friendly household and ensures a homely atmosphere with their new album LIEDER.

The good nursery of traditional Germans song is thoroughly dusted off and offers new space for classics like „Guten Abend, gute Nacht“ or “Die Gedanken sind frei”, which opens the door wide for avant-garde, classical and Latin music elements.

The song “Ade, mein lieb lieb Heimatland” gets a highly contemporary reference through the new fellow citizens, who had to leave their homeland. But STUBENJAZZ does not only open the door wide but also goes a step further. Rooted in Germany – but at home in the world is the motto and so “STUBENJAZZ” will be on tour in 2018 and is going to bring their „LIEDER“ to the USA.

STUBENJAZZ is musically cosmopolitan and so the members not only bring their slippers to play but also their versatile influences from jazz combos, big bands, and symphony orchestras. The band remains faithful to their principles since the forming of the group ten years ago: to breathe new life into old, “dusty”, German songs with new arrangements and different genres and to make them presentable again.

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