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Yearning Lock Down Songs – LA NOSTALGIA PER Il MARE

Yearning Lock Down Songs – LA NOSTALGIA PER Il MARE

For someone who has spent most of his life travelling around the world, a sudden longer stay at home is a great relief.

A being thrown back on yourself. A pause for breath. A time in which the many experiences, which have often come at him far too quickly, reappear in his memory and sort themselves out in his mind.

Even if, like Andreas Hinterseher, one lives in a picturesque paradise in the midst of springlike exploding nature, there is a secret need for the barren coastal landscape of Croatia, for the sandy beaches of Italy, for the salt taste on the skin, for the southern sea. La Nostalgia per il Mare, the longing for the sea, a piano, a discreet drum set, a lively accordion and a velvety virtuoso flugelhorn paint this longing in colourful musical images.
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