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Happy Release Day: CALM – Evelyn Huber

All good things come in fours – after three remarkable albums (Somervilla Samba, 2011, Inspire, 2016 and Evelyn Huber & Sirius Quartet, 2019) another release by Evelyn Huber is coming after two years.

CALM is an album that puts the harp in the center, gives it space to sound and breathe.

With CALM, Evelyn Huber has succeeded in creating a special sound experience – devotional and atmospheric-meditative – this is how the mood of Huber’s playing on her new album can be described.

The pure harp sound, crystal clear and filigree recorded, make these recordings something special: Created from the silence of the Corona lockdown at home in their own acoustically genial dressing room sound studio equipped with the finest microphones.

Listen to the album:

More informations:

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