Berta Epple – Unterm Baum


Bobbi Fischer piano,
Gregor Hübner violin
Veit Hübner double bass

“Berta Epple” alias Gregor Hübner, Bobbi Fischer and Veit Hübner makes a trip to wintry climes and lands exactly Unterm Baum (under the chrismas tree) …and finds there their personal favorite Christmas songs rearranged, partly newly texted and harmonized in three voices.

Even back then, when the guys of “Berta Epple” were still in action as Tango Five, it was on their wish list for the Christ Child: once make a Christmas album! With “Berta Epple” this wish has finally come true and the listener is presented with a sparkling, swinging and fragrant Christmas program.

On the new record, “Berta Epple” presents herself in angelic garb and yet with her usual mischievous face.

You can hear a revue in which Bavarian devotional yodels stand in harmony next to soulful grooves, like an ox and a donkey in Bethlehem’s stable. Jazz ballads alternate with fervent English anthems. Sometimes in German, sometimes in English and sometimes in the Swabian native dialect of “Berta Epple”. The listener can also fully enjoy breakneck sleigh rides in 7/8 time thanks to the band members’ rousing virtuoso qualities.

One thing is for sure: no matter whether “Berta Epple” comes from heaven or the little children come to her, whether she makes it snow, Santa Claus visits her or she hangs out in Winter Wonderland – she spreads heavenly good cheer in every Christmas situation!


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