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Johannes Tonio Kreusch guitar

Concurrently with the CD “Tangos & Canciones” Johannes Tonio Kreusch’s successful solo album “Inspiración” is re-released. The CD originally released on the BMG label Arte Nova in 2001 is hereby made available again in a remastered version. The famous masterpieces of Barrios-Mangoré, Tárrega, Albéniz, Rodrigo and Brouwer have excited many guitar lovers and are all deeply inspired by the six vibrating strings of the Spanish guitar. This personal album is framed by two improvisations by the artist.

“This recording has character, it has something strange and very special (…) Kreusch plays Rodrigo’s “Invocación y Danza”, even Brouwer’s “Elogio de la danza” so eminently clean and yet so swinging and dreamily that you even fall spontaneously for previously often heard music. There the music breathes, it sings and sings – and most of all you would do what a critic usually never does: in the end, you hear it all over again.”

(Susanne Benda, RONDO Magazine)

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