Johannes Tonio Kreusch & Doris Orsan – Tango & Canciones


Johannes Tonio Kreusch guitar
Doris Orsan violin

Johannes Tonio Kreusch, “one of the most creative guitarists of our times” (Akustik Gitarre Magazin), once again presents an album with unusual unique repertoire with his fourth recording for GLM. With “Tangos & Canciones”, he and his longtime duo partner, the violinist Doris Orsan, are mainly dedicated to music from Argentina, Spain and Cuba. The focus is on two world premiere recordings of cycles composed for the duo. The well-known tango composer Máximo Diego Pujol has musically staged well-known locations in Buenos Aires with his three- movement work “Tripticon porteño” dedicated to the two musicians. This cycle is a modern response to the Tango Suite “L’Histoire du Tango – The History of Tango”, with which the tango-revolutionary Astor Piazzolla retraces the developmental history of tango. This legendary work, as well as its famous “Oblivion” are reaching a new level of intensity with the instrumentation with violin and guitar.

Another world premiere recording is the “Cuatro Piezas en Estilo Tradicional Cubano”, written by the Cuban composer Tulio Peramo Cabrera for Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch. Tango & Canciones” is completed with “Una Canción” by Aníbal Troilo, a companion and teacher of Astor Piazzolla and Egberto Gismonti’s stirring “Agua e Vinho”. Both works have been rearranged by Tulio Peramo Cabrera for Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch.

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