Stefanie Boltz – The Door


Stefanie Boltz vocals
Sven Faller bass
Martin Kursawe guitar
Tilman Herpichböhm drums

Sebastian Studnitzky trumpet
Christian Wegscheider piano

Stefanie Boltz calls her new album “The Door” with thirteen original compositions. In fact, it’s all about the many doors that you open in your life, sometimes curious and timid, sometimes thoughtless with stormy feelings, these are the ones, which can’t be closed again easily. While some turn out to be a Pandora’s box that you want to slam again as quickly as possible, others open up new horizons. Stefanie Boltz sings about the innumerable shades that lie in between, above all, about the doors, which open up abysses, that we still do not want to miss, not for love or money.

“Over the last 7 years, as an artist, I have had the good fortune to try out and develop a lot with double bass player and fantastic creative partner Sven Faller in our duo formation ‘Le Bang Bang’. My vocal style was able to unfold – with a wide range of dynamics and expressive colors, as in this minimalistic cast there simply was and is a lot of space, “notes Stefanie Boltz, because her musical background is important to her. And she continues: “While I wrote my debut together with Sven as a songwriter in 2014, I now stand before my first album with completely self-composed and texted material. A big step for me, which was a lot of fun but also very demanding.”

The Munich singer also shows curiosity when poaching beyond clear categories in a diverse musical jungle: the rather rocking guitar forest of the title track “The Door”, the pop appeal of “Adorable Stupid Girls”, the rough earth-bound blues of “Stones Shape “, emotional-fragile acoustic sounds in ” I grew up “, the mystical “Answers” or the soul of” Naked Pony Ride “. She adds another thought: “My musical influences and sources of inspiration are very versatile. According to the album theme and title “The Door”, I also musically opened the ‘door’ for a mix between nu country, singer-songwriter & jazz, between acoustic and electronic sounds.”

And then Stefanie Boltz recounts how the songs were made: “Over the past year, a downright library of layouts and song designs had accumulated and found their way to me. I was productive in some ways, although I did not really have time for it, because many concerts were booked. The material stubbornly knocked on my door ‘and then it suddenly opened. ”

“Now everything had to be developed and written down. I was fortunate that a friend and colleague invited me to Majorca in May. As a coach, he was there working on songs with a few people. I came as a guest and finished there many songs, tried them on the spot with a few musicians. And then presented everything to my band during the summer, ” she continues.

Thirteen windows looking into the musical world of this singer with the warm impressive vocal volume and expressiveness. It gets even more class and elegance with Boltz’ musical production partner Sven Faller, this time on electric bass. With him, she has been successful in Europe for many years in the multi-award-winning duo “Le Bang Bang”. On top, Martin Kursawe on countless guitar instruments and Tilman Herpichböhm on the drums are known for brave and ambiguous musical play between the chairs. With the guests Sebastian Studnitzky on the trumpet and Christian Wegscheider on the keys, a marvelous pinch of high-class jazzness comes into play, as one is used to from the Boltz cosmos.

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