Quadro Nuevo – Grand Voyage Travel & Concert Film



Mulo Francel saxophone, clarinets
Andreas Hinterseher accordion, vibrandoneon, bandoneon
D.D. Lowka double bass, percussion
Robert Wolf (until Dec. 2008)  guitar, bouzouki
Evelyn Huber (since Dec. 2008) harp, salterio

1.  Travel Film – The journey to Batumi  70:23
2.  Concert Film – Live at Lustspielhaus, Munich, Spring 2011 75:33
3.  Music Video – The journey to Batumi   7:01

After the release of the CD Grand Voyage in Fall 2010 and the road book with the same name, the DVD Grand Voyage Travel & Concert Film concludes the trilogy to this epic journey.

The movie “The journey to Batumi” shows numerous journeys of the musicians to places, where they play concerts and interact with foreign cultures to inspire their music. The viewer learns lots of details about the musicians’ personal lives and about the magic hidden within the places they visited on their quest.

The journey to Batumi” is like a diary filled with impressions and experiences, full of happiness but also pain, all under the banner of music and curiosity for different cultures.

The music carries the mood of a place. We made that experience when we were in Antakya back in spring 2007. We played at multiple historic sites on the Turkish-Syrian border to record some film scores. Always on the move, we felt the need to make a virtue out of this situation. So we started to capture the moods of the different places we visited with our songs. That is how this CD came to be. There were really touching moments, like that one time when a Rumanian farmer gave us a generous amount of schnapps and eggs for the way, or the pride of the horsemen of the Roma-Village, the transcendence of the monasteries in Meteora, the dignity of the women, which, even in the simplest of conditions, somehow accomplish to manage the live of their families. We experienced a once in a lifetime trip through Jerusalem and got to listen to Hare-Krishna-chants from the monks of Malaysia. And time after time again, the curiosity of the children. All of those encounters that took us to the most remote places on earth vibrate in our music. The music in return change the mood of our days on our Grand Journey.”

In cooperation with Impala Filmproduction and the director Servet Ahmet Golbol they created an entertaining, moving and exciting film about one of the most voyaging bands of our country.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring since 1996 and has played well over 2700 concerts in all parts of the world, including: Sydney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New York, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tunis, Tel Aviv. From small Bavaria over the Alps to Porto, from Denmark to Ukraine, everywhere in Europe.

In the springtime of 2011 the performance of Quadro Nuevo at Munich’s Lustspielhaus, demonstrates excellently why the group was awarded with the ECHO Jazz award for best life act of the year, both in 2010 and 2011.


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