Quadro Nuevo – Schöne Kinderlieder


Mulo Francel saxophones, clarinets, mandoline, mandola, pfiff, sansula, guitar, cheng
DiDi Lowka bass, drums, xylophone, kazoo, steel drum
Evelyn Huber harp, salterio
Andreas Hinterseher accordion, vibrandoneon, vibraphon, bandoneon, piano, glockenspiel

Melodies for children – played from the heart with many instruments.

The old classic children’s songs are revived by Quadro Nuevo’s charm and poetic arrangements. A beautiful contribution to the sustainability of our cultural treasures. Furthermore, we had a blast during the production time of the CD!”  

– Julia Schölzel from the BR 4 Klassik-Redaktion.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring since 1996 and has played well over 2700 concerts in all parts of the world, including: Sydney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New York, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tunis, Tel Aviv. From small Bavaria over the Alps to Porto, from Denmark to Ukraine, everywhere in Europe.

The CDs of Quadro Nuevo have received the German Jazz Award, climbed into the top ten of the Jazz and World music charts and have been awarded with the European price Golden Impala in Paris.

In the years of 2010 and 2011 the ensemble has been rewarded with the ECHO Jazz as best Live-Act of the year, the highest award from the “Deutscher Phonoverband.”

The four musicians at Quadro Nuevo are parents themselves and already produced an audio book for the young listeners titled “Der König hat gelacht” (written by Julie Fellmann, read by Udo Wachtveitl). It has been awarded with the Auditorix-Hörbuchsiegel and the Auditorix-Publikumspreis.

We really appreciate every time children come out to our concerts. Back when we were little kids we used to listen to children songs that were sung to us by our grandparents. Now that we are grown up we want to pass on these songs to you and our kids, so they don’t get lost. That’s why we recorded them as carefully as we could. Since we can’t sing very well, we played them with as many instrument as somehow possible. You are more than welcome to sing along!”

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