Quadro Nuevo – Grand Voyage


Mulo Francel saxophones, clarinets, mandoline, glockenspiel, monochord, guitar on 6, bouzouki on 11
Robert Wolf guitar, bouzouki, piano on 17, steel drum
D.D. Lowka  acoustic bass, percussion, xylophone, cymbalom
Andreas Hinterseher  accordion, vibrandoneon, bandoneon, piano on 4
Evelyn Huber concert grand harp, single pedal harp, salterio

Songs of a Grand Voyage. The baggage filled with melodies that were collected along the way. Every tone tells you a story about a new encounter and takes the listener on an epic adventure. Every song was recorded on a different place on this earth and represents the unique vibrations of those special locations.

Wild horseback rides over the Crimean Peninsula, vintage European charm out of London, a Tango from New York, crazy days in Istanbul, nightly feasts in Transylvania, secret gardens in Malaysia, warm rain in Paris. Not always did the way lead to the goal. That is why the “Journey to Batumi” talks especially about the missed chances, what we are left with is the yearning for something more.

Grand Voyage is a musical diary filled with impressions and experiences. Full of happiness but also sadness all connected through the joy of playing music.

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