Martin Kälberer – Espaço


Martin Kälberer Piano, Keyboards, Voice, Percussion
Bertl Mayer Harp
Carlo Mombelli Bass
Kay Richter Drums
Phillip Stauber El. & Ac. Guitar
Oliver Kälberer Ac. Guitar, Sitar, Voice
Uli Stach Percussion
Ulli Essmann Voice

01. Lost Traditions (Martin Kälberer) 7:52
02. Home (Martin Kälberer) 7:24
03. Egbert der Zauberer (für Egberto G.) (Martin Kälberer) 7:26
04. Something Like This (Martin Kälberer) 5:18
05. Força Natureza (Martin Kälberer) 8:47
06. Espaço (Martin Kälberer) 6:28
07. And She Was Reading (Martin Kälberer) 6:37
08. My Land (Martin Kälberer) 6:44
09. Just For a While (Martin Kälberer) 7:32
10. Por Causa de Voçe (Martin Kälberer) 8:05

Martin Kälberer has dedicated his entire life to music. Since early childhood he has played guitar, mandolin and piano, studied the latter at the Music Academy in Graz and has been a freelance musician since 1989. In 1998 he met Werner Schmidbauer, with whom he has since performed successfully as a duo, and since 2006 he has appeared with Aufgspuit on BR. Among other things, he works as a film composer and has been a sought-after instrumentalist in many music projects, including with Willy Astor and Sound of Islands .

But Martin Kälberer is also a sought-after artist internationally, as he has mastered countless instruments and adds his distinctive touch with each one. Each of his pieces reflects his love for music – and it is manifold – in a wonderful way.

Espaco (port.: space, period) shows Martin Kälberer in his early creative phase. The overall work is characterized by wide, open passages, some of which are based on Indian music and always have a deeper structure. The project, which was created between 1992 and 1994, processes (…) influences and styles, but also conflicts, with which the young Martin Kälberer had come into contact in the previous ten years. Espaco takes the listener for seventy minutes into a four-dimensional space (including time!) to release him relaxed and resolved at the end. When all styles of music together take the listener to distant worlds, on a journey of sound, the Malawi Mystery Man, alias Martin Kälberer, plays.

Piano, keyboards, drums, loop machine, percussion instruments and an unmistakable voice – without lyrics, only as an instrument – embody at this moment a life motto of someone who (…) seeks and finds freedom. And in doing so, he lets his listeners participate in his imagination (…) with sounds, melodies and rhythms. Malawi Mystery Man is like the soundtrack of a whole continent and embodies Martin Kälberer’s love for Africa and the diversity and liveliness of its musical world.



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