Sven Faller

Sven Faller completes the studies he began at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz in 1997 in New York at the Mannes College of Music with a “Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music”. He then dives deep into the city’s eclectic music scene, which strikes at the heart of his diverse musical inclinations. He is a regular on the stages of legendary Lower East Side clubs such as Sin-é and CB’s, or accompanies Chico Freeman and Bobby Watson with Bobby Sanabria’s Afro-Cuban band.

At the same time, he began his career as an unconventional composer and arranger, work for which he received numerous awards. In the studio he works with Jane Monheit, Jim Beard, Chris Botti, Blossom Dearie, Jay Berliner, John Patitucci the Rolling Stones Horns and numerous members of the New York Philharmonic.

Back in Germany he continues his work as a bass player and accompanies Konstantin Wecker and jazz greats like Ulf Wakenius, Scott Hamilton, Larry Coryell, Don Menza, Robbie Ameen Philip Catherine and Charlie Mariano for several years.

As a studio musician, he can be heard on CDs by Pippo Pollina, Mulo Francel and Georg Ringsgwandl, and in films by Marcus Rosenmüller, Doris Dörrie and Helmut Dietl.

Since 2004, Faller’s own projects have increasingly come to the fore, with extensive concert tours taking him from Germany to Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, France, Italy, Romania, Singapore, the USA, Mexico and Brazil.

In 2004-15, with Trio ELF (Eisenhauer/Lang/Faller), he explored the use of electronic effects on the acoustic bass, producing “sounds you would never have expected” (Schwäbische Zeitung).

Since 2010, he has been exploring expanded expressive possibilities of his instrument in the duo LE BANG BANG with singer Stefanie Boltz, “transforming his bass into an orchestra.” (Südwest Presse).

In 2016, the double album “Night Music” is released. Numerous concerts follow, among others with the American pianist Bob Degen, Tino Derado, Andreas Dombert and Guido May, during which he reads texts from his book of the same name that correspond with his compositions.